3 tips for phone interviews
Before you’re invited in for a face to face interview, a lot of companies will conduct a phone interview to assess your candidacy. Usually, the call will last approximately 20 minutes and is used to determine your general level of confidence when speaking about your achievements and your skills. Here are three tips to help you ace your phone interview!

1. Be prepared:
There are a few benefits to being interviewed over the phone. For example, when speaking to a potential employer over the phone, you can use prepared notes that you have written down to aid the conversation and remind you of your achievements. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you should be robotic and structured. Keep a conversational tone but always refer back to your notes if you’re struggling to answer a question. Good notes to write down: your achievements, your qualifications, and information about the company.

2. Stand out:
Since the employer only has your voice from which to gauge confidence and interest, use it to demonstrate your level of passion for the position. Standing out in face-to-face interviews can be as simple as wearing a funky tie. However, over the phone, your entire sell is through your voice and your language. Be passionate and your use your voice to the best of its abilities.

3. Talk:
I know what you’re thinking. This one should be obvious. However, there may be times during the interview when there is a long pause or awkward conversation, which is undesirable for obvious reasons. The best antidote to this is to keep the conversation flowing in a professional but conversational tone of voice. The last thing you want your potential employer to be is bored when talking to you.

Follow these three tips and your next phone interview should be a piece of cake!