On Thursday 12th October, Street League and Sport Dans La Ville successfully united politicians, sportsmen and leading businesses from the UK and France, including Minister of State, the French Ambassador, Arsenal footballers, and many leading CEO’s.

The event, hosted at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, raised over £200,000 to enable Street League and Sport Dans La Ville to tackle the challenge of youth unemployment in both nations.

On the evening of the Anglo-French gala dinner, we were very grateful to receive pledge donations from many individual supporters and corporations totalling £4,830. This appeal page is to collect these pledge donations so we can monitor and allocate the funds correctly within the organisation.

In his introduction, the Minister of State, Mark Field MP shared:

“Thanks to these two awe-inspiring charities, hundreds and even thousands of young people have been supported into jobs, training, and education, setting them on a genuine path to independence and fulfilment. They are opening doors for those who are too often excluded”.

He added, “Your work also serves another valuable purpose, and that is building links between Britain and France, which will be even more important in the years and decades to come”. The Minister continued, “I know there is a tendency to think that government holds the answer, but your work serves as an excellent reminder that this is not always the case and that charities and NGO’s carry out really transformative work”.

The French Ambassador, Jean Pierre Jouyet, also made a keynote speech in which he said;

“I want to tell all of the young people who are on these programmes that you are following the right path, the path of sport.”

He reassured the young people about their future careers, “If you want to succeed, talent is silver but hard work is gold.”

When asked about why he chooses to support Street League, Laurent Koscielny, said

“I don’t know how to create a job, but I do know sport and football. I know that football can teach respect, humility and hard work. You can rise very high but you can also come down very quickly. I believe we can give these values to the young people.”