Faizan was referred to Street League by his mum who was keen to get him some help with finding work. She provided us with a bit of background information and we quickly identified our Job Hub programme for him.

Faizan attended his first appointment with Graeme on the 23/01/2017 and conducted an initial assessment to identify his strengths and areas for development He opened up to Graeme very early on highlighting his parents separation as impacting on him hugely and being the eldest sibling the pressure was on him to help his mum support his younger brothers and sisters. His confidence was at an all-time low especially knowing his mum was working 3 different jobs to make ends meet.

Graeme quickly highlighted that Faizan's lack of work history and his employability skills were the main barriers to him progressing into employment. An action plan was devised where Faizan had to attended 121 sessions on a weekly basis with Graeme to help remove some of his barriers, whilst undertaking these support sessions we found out that he had excellent communication skills and was extremely engaging and invited him along to a mock interview workshop with Plusnet which was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed and left an excellent impression on the staff there. It changed his perception of what a contact centre environment was like and asked if he could be put forward for any relevant positions with Plusnet.  We looked at various opportunities and submitted an application for a Technical Support Advisor Position and due to our excellent working relationship, his application was prioritised.

After a telephone interview & face to face interview, Faizan was offered an opportunity to join Plusnet and was overjoyed at being successful. This was his first ever job and was extremely grateful for the support Street League had given him. We were then contacted by his mum who was extremely emotional about Faizan moving into work, she stated that she would be recommending Street League to all of her family and friends that have children aged 16-24.

The whole process of supporting Faizan took a total of 6 weeks from his first meeting to being offered his first job.

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