Aaron had been wanting to get involved with Street League for some time, but needing surgery on an ankle injury he couldn’t commit until he felt physically ready.

When Aaron did join the Academy, he quickly became a popular member of the group because of his openness and determination to overcome his restrictions. His injury did not prevent him taking part in the coaching sessions and, even though he suffered from a mild form of dyslexia, Aaron would stay back after sessions if he needed to catch up and he completed all of the written elements of the programme.

Aaron’s honesty about his dyslexia led to another participant coming forward and telling us they had a similar condition which they had been too embarrassed to talk about it. They also began to stay back after sessions to receive extra help, and with Aaron, the pair of them produced some excellent work.

At the end of the Academy, Aaron’s main goal was to find employment but he had to undergo surgery and did not want to mess an employer about and jeopardise a potentially long-term relationship. Working in partnership with the Borough Council, Street League arranged for Aaron to go on a work trial at a timber company in Hartlepool for two weeks, on the understanding that if he impressed, something could be set up in place after his operation.

Aaron excelled and was offered a position with the firm at the end of his trial. The company did not want to wait to take him on and were prepared to allow him the time off for the surgery and support him in his recovery by putting him on light duties when he returned.

The employer was so impressed with Aaron that they contacted Street League to ask if we could send any more graduates from our programme to undertake work experience!