Aleisha- Louise, 17, from Birmingham joined Street League in January 2016. Aleisha moved to Birmingham from Portsmouth due to a family relocation. Aleisha had very little work experience and left school with very few qualifications, although she attained at BTEC Level 2 in Performing Arts (Dance) which is the aspect of our programme she was drawn to helping her build her knowledge.

Aleisha engaged with Street League through the Birmingham Careers Service through Bal Kalsi at Maypole Youth Centre, and was interested in the support available to help her towards achieving qualifications in Maths and English alongside improving her dance technique through dance fitness sessions.

Aleisha was a positive contributor to the Academy from the moment she started, wanting to work hard to build more skills and was motivated to achieve this before finding employment. She was always receptive to feedback, which allowed team to identify areas for improvement within all aspects of the programme. She was an asset within the Academy always providing support to other participants when needed through being friendly and approachable ensuring everyone was included at all times.

Aleisha loved dance sessions, improving her technique each week staying motivated and enthusiastic to each new style introduced. Throughout her time with us she also attended weekly dance classes offered at our Academy venue, ACE Dance and Music as well as completing her work placement with them. In the Academy, Aleisha was encouraged to lead warm up sessions and taught a street dance session, thereby improving her teaching and employability skills.

Street League staff supported Aleisha to attaining her Functional Skills Entry Level 3 English and Maths. We also helped Aleisha develop a CV and conducted mock interviews with support from Barclays. Aleisha was destined to succeed through hard work and confidence when speaking to employers, Barclay’s staff commented on her positive attitude and clear concise answers.

Aleisha applied for Maid2Clean in February, she attended an interview at the start of March securing part time employment of four hours per week as a cleaner while continuing on the Street League programme to help gain an income. During this time she built a rapport with customers, receiving good feedback on the tasks undertaken, and impressing her manager. Since graduating from the Academy she has increased her hours to sixteen per week, taking on more customers and responsibility.