Alix, 22, from Birmingham, came to Street League in June 2017 with no work experience and very few people skills. Whilst at Street League, she would often leave the classroom to answer her phone against instruction and not participate in dance. As the weeks went on, she stayed in academy for entire sessions without needing to leave. She also joined in with dance and even ended up leading warm-ups and teaching choreography. Her confidence and communication skills rocketed whilst at Street League which is why we put her forward for a work experience at Rightio, where she was offered full-time employment upon completion of this experience.

Alix really needed to develop her confidence and communication skills. Alix was involved in a lot of group activities which meant she had to communicate with a lot of different people. She was doing this daily, which meant she became more confident with talking to others quite quickly. This development was positively reinforced and, in turn, her confidence grew. 

We also developed Alix’s CV to make sure she presented herself on paper as well as she was presenting herself in academy. This was the CV she took to her initial interview for her work experience.

“Street League has helped me to build my confidence and get me into a job. I really enjoy work and have met some great people there. This would not have been possible without the staff at Street League, thank you.”

As aforementioned, Alix was successful at the interview for work experience at Rightio. After her two-week work experience, Street League received a phone call to say that she had been successful and they were going to offer her full-time employment. This offer of employment further developed Alix’s confidence and feeling of self-worth. On her days off, she often pops into academy and engages with group activities, demonstrating her improved confidence further by occasionally taking the lead. She shares her success with other participants which boosts her morale and the morale of the group.