Brandon first encountered Street League Birmingham through his support worker. Despite having a good level of work experience within the hospitality sector, Brandon had struggled to find work as he faced various personal and employment barriers.

Brandon had a difficult home life and as result has lived in care for a number of years. He found it difficult to settle in a number of homes and was therefore moved to various areas and schools. He was unable to integrate into secondary school and most importantly make friends. Due to his behaviour, he became involved in the criminal justice system and left school without little or no qualifications.

Brandon’s support worker knew Street League well and felt as though Street League was the best course to help him overcome his challenges and support him to step onto the career ladder into something he is passionate about.

At the beginning of the programme Brandon was very keen to work independently and did not enjoy working within unfamiliar groups. As the weeks progressed, Brandon became comfortable and was much more open to engaging with others. Brandon was very aware of the skills and qualities needed to work within his chosen sector of hospitality, although he was not able to link these to personal skills, qualities or experience.

Nevertheless, as we progressed through the programme Brandon started flourish within the group working well to not only support himself with tasks but also motivate others to work to the best of their ability. Brandon noticeably became more self-aware and enthusiastic about the future. He was extremely keen to take part in the football, which improved his confidence over time.

Brandon took every opportunity to break down his personal barriers towards work. However, he maximised the employability skills session that Street League offered to him. We set Brandon up with a mock interview at Barclays headquarters. Brandon came well prepared and looked impressively professional for the interview, he took everything he had learned from Street League’s employability sessions into that interview and he received excellent feedback with areas for development which he could work on upon return to Street League.  

In the face of the superb feedback from Barclays, Street League thought it’d be beneficial for Brandon to take his newfound skills and experience into a real interview scenario. Street League developed a relationship with The Briar Rose, a Weatherspoon’s franchise which had job opportunities within the catering sector as a Kitchen Assistant and Waiter which were willing to offer Brandon an interview.

This was a brilliant opportunity for Brandon and Street League supported him throughout the interview process. The Briar Rose were extremely impressed with Brandon throughout the interview and he was offered a full-time position fulfilling the role of a Kitchen Assistant.

"Street League has helped me to meet new people, build positive relationships and most importantly enabled me to experience new things. I am now in a positive, happy place because I am employed full time, without the support and guidance from Street League I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal!"

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