Chinedu, 23, achieves overseas success as a brand ambassador for major sports brand - London. 

Chinedu, aged 23, from South London was struggling to hold down a job before he found Street League. His main focus was playing football with the hopes of playing professionally, but he struggled with confidence and believing in himself. He doubted himself and his performance and began to believe he wasn't going to accomplish anything. Through Street League’s London football academy he built his professional work skills, gained essential qualifications, built his confidence and is now flying in a marketing career as a brand ambassador for Adidas.

Before Street League:

I was pretty much the young guy who just wanted to play football. I tried studying but realised that my brain didn't like words. After going through a lot of jobs and not keeping them I had a lot of self-doubt and didn't believe in my performance. I started to believe I was never going to make it in any shape or form.

His first thoughts when he found out about Street League:

I had just lost a job and was pretty downhearted. This sounds like it might help me get back on my feet, and wait a minute…  I can play football too?! This sounds too good to be true... so I checked it out and then I realised how great it actually is. 

The guidance he received from his coach was the 'best thing' to ever happen to him. The main influences and motivators at his time at Street League were the staff and the other participants. 

The best thing about Street league is the community and being together.  

While on the programme, Chinedu improved his interpersonal skills and gained his Maths and English GCSE qualifications (equivalent) with the help of Street League’s support.  He was supported to understand his strengths (outside of playing football) which gave him a new career goal of getting into marketing.

Another big achievement for me was taking my English and Maths exams and actually completing them. I took the same exams 4-5 years ago and I failed. With the help of Street League I managed to accomplish this and get the grades I needed to go forwards.

After completing the programme, Chinedu has had great success being a brand ambassador for Adidas, representing them at brand events, FIFA and overseas as a football player and a host. He is currently building himself as a personal brand through his own social media platforms and earning a sustainable living through work that he loves.

My greatest achievement in my new job has been representing Adidas in Germany for one of their tournaments. I was a presenter and a host and even got to meet David Beckham!

Chinedu is still involved with Street League as an ambassador. Stay tuned to see him star in our new Made Outside The Classroom campaign launching on Wednesday  5th April  2017.  

His advice to other young people:

Street League is always there to help you, but don't come expecting a handout. You have to bring 100% commitment and hard work to what you want.

 Watch Chinedu's success story here:  


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