Chloe joined Street League in September 2016 as a 16-year-old having left school after 3rd year with no qualifications or work experience who severally lack confidence and had no idea what she would like to achieve in the future.

After attending an information session regarding the structure of the programme which was a Certificate of Work Readiness in partnership with the Hilton Hotel, along with 2 taster sessions with a multi-sport/fitness theme, and a 121 discussion with Street League staff, the hospitality industry was something Chloe was interested in pursuing a career within. Working within the housekeeping team interested Chloe but she realised there were several barriers which she had to overcome to achieve her goal of gaining employment.

The commitment and progress Chloe made over 4 weeks in the centre and 8 weeks on work placement is incredible. Chloe started Street League as a young girl who lacked the confidence to communicate with people and left a young woman who can now hold a conversation with anyone. To top Chloe’s journey off, after the successful completion of her 8-week work placement at the Hilton Grosvenor within the Housekeeping team she was offered a Full-Time position within the Hotel.

Speaking about her time on the Academy, Chloe said:

“I owe so much to Street League and Kevin for this opportunity and the support given to me. I can’t believe the difference in my life since joining Street League, I am a more confident person now with a Full-Time job. Thanks for everything”

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