Connor left school at 16 with little motivation or confidence to find work, and subsequently spent most of his time at home without seeing anyone for days. Six months passed before Connor was put on an Activity Agreement by Skills Development Scotland, which involved weekly meetings in an attempt to create change and inspire Connor to undertake some activity.

Connor found out about Street League through his keyworker and was keen to give it a try as he wanted to get fitter. When Connor started the programme he was extremely shy and did not speak to anyone. He was on his own a lot and, at times, staff worried whether he would engage.

However, as the weeks progressed, Connor slowly started coming out of his shell, mixing with others and becoming more confident in groups. Throughout his 12 weeks on the Academy, Connor gained two qualifications, lost two stone in weight, and regained an interest in sports. His confidence improved greatly and during the programme decided to become a member of his local American football team where he has shown he can mix well with others and make new friends.

After graduating from the Academy, Connor enrolled at West College Scotland to study Science with a goal of working in healthcare. Connor's motivation for education has totally changed and at still only 17, he sees this as his second chance to make a go of life and succeed.