Before joining the North London Academy Curwin had little confidence and found it hard meeting people and making new friends. He was shy, and told Street League staff he didn’t know what to say to people, or how to start a conversation. Curwin came the Academy to make friends and get help finding a job as he was getting interviews but was not getting any further.

During the Academy, Curwin gradually started to come out of his shell and he became Vice Captain of the football team. He also started arriving at the Academy with other participants and leaving with them. During mock interviews sessions, staff spoke to Curwin about presenting to an employer, including body language, and how to talk about transferable skills. Curwin is now working at Superdrug and is still friends with the participants from the Academy who he plays with in an 11-a-side football team.

Speaking about his time on the Academy, Curwin said: “I might have found the job and gone to the interview by myself, but it was Street League that gave me the confidence to apply and it was the advice given during the mock interviews that helped me get the job.”