Daniel, 23, was a quiet boy who was extremely withdrawn when he joined Street League’s Academy. Having been unemployed for over nine months, and with limited work history, Daniel really lacked confidence and direction.

On starting the Academy, Daniel became more confident both in group work and on the football pitch, however, he still struggled to interact with others and his communication skills were poor.

Daniel always had a keen interest in care work, and through Street League, he managed to secure a placement with Inverclyde Council’s Adult Support Services - a 24 hour supported accommodation project for adults with learning difficulties. Daniel did well in this placement and received good feedback about his work and how he interacted with those in care. However, on completion of the placement, Daniel still struggled in job interviews and it was clear he had underlying issues with his confidence. As a result, Street League suggested he spend some time volunteering as a way to build up his confidence and get him more accustomed to others in the workplace. 

Daniel decided to take up a volunteering opportunity with REACH for Autism, a local charity, where he impressed staff with the way he worked with their client group. The charity said that they wished to train him up as a support worker and offered him a full-time job. Daniel is still at the charity and doing really well. He loves his job and finds it extremely rewarding.

“I really enjoyed being part of the Academy and taking on new challenges. Street League provided me with the opportunity to develop my employability skills and grow in confidence. I am proud to have achieved employment and have now been in my job now for over nine months.”