Danny, 19 from Pollock, Glasgow attended our Stage 3 Academy in May 2017. Danny left school after 6th year with good qualifications but struggled to secure employment after leaving. He spent approximately 5 months applying for jobs within the retail industry with no success. He said that he spent a large amount of time each day on job sites but felt he was being held back by his lack of work experience. He said looking back at the person he was back then, he was totally different as he spent lots of time lying in bed - which he did not like about himself.

Danny came across Street League on Facebook and was aware of a friend successfully finding permanent retail employment through a previous program. He said that this made him very interested in joining a program as he had seen first-hand the good it could do. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed his experience on the program and thought very highly of both the Street League staff running the program, and enjoyed working alongside the other participants. He felt that he developed his ability to communicate more effectively with new people during his time on the program, and it made him even more motivated to reach his goal of attaining employment within retail.

As part of the program, Danny worked in Debenhams for a work experience placement and made such a good impression he was kept on permanently at the end of it. Six months on he is still there and loving it. When speaking to his line manager Gordon, he reported that Danny was excelling in his role and he was very impressed, stating that he has ‘big plans’ for him. He said that he never saw Danny standing around looking bored; he was always looking for something to keep him busy.

When talking about his favourite part of Street League, he said that apart from the sporting element and getting to play football every day, getting to meet Scott (Smith) was a pleasure. He said he was very grateful for all the help he was given and wouldn’t be where he was today without Scott and Street League.