Fergal, 21, from Birmingham, finished university (with a first) and couldn’t find work as he had no work experience. He heard about Street League and came to us for support with the structure of his CV and the hope that we could find him some work experience. We had an opportunity with Amazon which Fergal went for and was successful. He completed this whilst we sorted an interview for him at Rightio. He was able to add this experience to his CV. We told him about our link with Rightio and he was really keen to go for the interview where he was successful for full-time employment.

“Having had no previous work experience and unsure of how to structure my CV, the support and job opportunities Street League gave me were vital to me getting a paid job. I am really grateful and think Street League’s ethos of helping young people into work is great.”

Fergal really needed some work experience to help with his search for employment. We were able to source a work experience and a full-time job, both of which are now on his CV which will help him with future employment. We also supported him with finances for travelling to and from work and he has been a student for the last five years with little funds to support this.