Before joining Street League, Cherie had been unemployed since the age of 18 and had never had a paid job. Cherie had minimal work experience, only working a week or two helping out with unpacking donations in a charity shop. Cherie seriously lacked confidence and although she wanted to be in a customer-facing role, she was not sure how she would be working under pressure in a fast paced environment. When discussing job roles, Cherie showed a keen interest in the hospitality sector, with aspirations to work in a large hotel one day. After meeting with Sian from The Food Cycle, Cherie decided that she would love to gain experience working in the Community Cafe.

At first, Cherie was unsure of the role itself and what would be covered, having not had any previous experience in this field. With support from Sian, her supervisor and mentor, she embraced the multi-role industry, serving customers, cleaning and waiting tables, preparing vegetables and recipes, and cooking food and serving drinks. Cherie hit the ground running and Sian’s constant support and praise enabled her to grow massively in confidence and realise she would definitely like to work in the hospitality industry. After a thorough exit interview with Sian, Cherie and the Aftercare Coordinator at Street League set in stone where her strengths were and what she would like to do moving forward.

Cherie: "Before Street League, I hadn’t had a job interview in years, with my only interview experience being a negative one. I didn’t understand why nobody wanted to at least interview me. Now with this recent hospitality experience on my CV and a clearer direction, I have already had two job interviews. With the support of the aftercare service I know I will find something I want to do. Sian at the Food Cycle really helped me to realise what I was good at and what my goals are in life."

Sian, The Food Cycle: "I have really seen Cherie grow in confidence during her time with us. It was so rewarding to watch her progress over the weeks and she became a bubbly, reliable and hardworking member of The Food Cycle team. I wish her great things in the future and hope she does pursue a career in hospitality."