Alan joined the Street League Academy after hearing about the programme through his local Job Centre. Although he had a range of previous work experience, he had been unemployed for some time and was struggling to find any work. 

Right from the start, Alan came across as one of the more mature and focused participants. He developed an excellent rapport with the group and demonstrated a quiet confidence and unassuming leadership.

However, only two weeks into the Academy, Alan’s father was rushed to hospital with heart problems and was in intensive care for a week. Alan kept in touch with the Street League staff, updating them on a daily basis and even coming along to the Academy's 11-a-side match to support the team.

After two weeks of looking after his father, who had returned home with improved health, Alan returned to the Academy and settled straight back into the group. He made a real effort to catch up on all the work he had missed and became very proactive looking for jobs. On the day after doing mock interview sessions with Street League, Alan secured a real interview and got a full-time job working at Selfridges over the Christmas period. Shortly afterwards he was confirmed as a permanent employee.