At the age of 16, William was caring for both his mother and younger sister whilst studying for his exams. He didn’t know what he wanted to do after school and admits at the time, his attitude was a bit immature and cocky. When a friend suggested he join Street League he thought he’d give it a try, and having been encouraged by staff, he decided to commit to the Academy programme.

During the Academy, William felt he was gaining new skills and could relate to the Street League staff who were a huge influence on him. William earned several qualifications and set his heart on becoming a sports coach. He was successful in applying for an apprenticeship with Street League and with the help of staff, he managed to secure a place in college. Whilst at college, William was offered the chance to coach in America, and enjoyed the experience so much that he returned the following year, even making an appearance for Orlando City Football team as a player. Not long after returning to Glasgow, William received a phone call from the coaching company he had worked for in Florida and was asked to set up the project in his home city. Six months later, and four and half years after joining Street League, William now runs two separate franchises and has 10 coaches working for him.