Jordan was referred to Street League through his work coach at Park Place Job Centre having struggled to find any employment for many years. Since Jordan had left education he had not secured any long-term employment and did not know what industry he wanted to work in.

During his six years on benefits, Jordan had been through many work placements but found that they didn’t give him any answers to his future career. He had worked as a chef, in a hotel, retail industries and also in customer service but he was still no further forward. Once his work coach had told him that Street League would use football to help with his employability he was sold.

While on the Academy, our staff helped Jordan to identify an interest in the sporting sector and supported him on setting a realistic goal to achieve a role in this sector moving forward. The assistance that Jordan got with CV writing, job searching and mock interviews proved to be of a great benefit to him and something he was very grateful to Street League for.

Group employability skills sessions further helped Jordan with his self-belief and confidence. He also appreciated the help with writing cover letters and how best to complete application forms. Jordan found the biggest help to be mock interviews arranged with Barclays. Jordan was very nervous beforehand but used the skills he had learned from Street League to excel. Staff worked closely with Jordan to prepare him for the mock interview with Barclays’ staff, sharing techniques to answer questions and getting stories ready to back up his responses. Jordan received positive feedback following the interview and he keenly listened to the developmental advice and guidance given, determined to improve next time.

Jordan also engaged with the staff at Goals during his time on the academy and used his new found leadership skills to arrange for a Street League team to enter into the Goals competitive league. This really brought him to the attention of the Goals management and coupled with his keen attitude, love of sport and desire to improve, Goals offered Jordan a position within their team.

Jordan has been working for Goals Soccer Centre in Leeds for the past 6 months and is loving his role as a Maintenance and Security Operative, thanks to the support from Street League. He said: “If you get knocked back get your head back up and keep going. Most of all make sure you’re motivated. All I can say about Street League is just to throw yourself into it and you will see the benefits.”

James, Jordan's Manager at Goals Soccer Centre in Leeds, said: “Jordan is a very adaptable, punctual and approachable employee. He is eager to learn and is a valued team member.”