Despite holding strong academic qualifications, Graeme had been unemployed for over a year and was struggling to find employment. He had always been passionate about football, and when he heard about Street League’s offer of playing football alongside working on job applications and interview skills, he knew it would be for him.

During his time at Street League, Graeme gained his Scottish Football Association Early Touches Award, Community Sports Leadership Award and a First Aid qualification. He also gained vital interview skills which enabled him to feel more comfortable going through the interview process.

Since leaving Street League, Graeme managed to secure a two week work placement at T.M Lewin after impressing the store manager with his enthusiasm and manner. To help him feel confident in the role, T.M Lewin kindly provided Graeme with shirts and ties to wear throughout his placement. Having kept in touch with Street League staff Graeme tells us he is working hard to prove his ability. If he makes a lasting impression he knows he will be looked upon favourably if any paid opportunities come up.