In December, Grant approached his local Careers Office and asked them to help him get into employment. He said: "I needed help to get a job. I was told it was not that easy but they could refer me to a training provider that could help me. That was Street League."

Grant continued: "I started the Stage 2 Programme in Airdrie and enjoyed it from the beginning. I took part in workshops, and even though I don’t like football, I enjoyed the sessions. After the Stage 2 Programme, I started the Certificate of Work Readiness with Street League in Airdrie. I learned what was expected of me in the workplace, what skills and qualities I could offer to an employer, and what responsibilities an employer has. I then got a new CV and worked on my interview technique, which was a massive help."

Things kept on improving for Grant and he was soon informed of a job opportunity that might suit him. He said: "I was told about a Sales Apprenticeship advertised with HSS Tool Hire in Coatbridge. I applied, passed two interviews and secured the post. I have since attended three training courses in England and have been taught HSS Hires IT systems, how to use the tools and how to demonstrate to customers. I have developed my telephone technique and customer service skills, too."

Grant is delighted with his new job and says he owes a lot to Street League. He said: "I love my job and if it wasn't for Street League, I would be sitting in my room playing my Xbox."

John Preece, Grant's Sales Manager, was full of praise for his new employee. John said: "Grant is excellent and he's a credit to Street League."