Jordan, 20 from Glasgow is a true example of how hard work and perseverance pays off! He was referred to Street League by the Job Centre in March 2017 and took part in our NTSF program over 20 weeks before taking part in an Employability Fund Stage 2 program in the North of Glasgow in August 2017. Jordan had no employment history prior to joining Street League but had spent the previous 2 years doing voluntary work in a community garden. Jordan hoped that joining the Street League program would allow him to gain further experience working in the community and he was interested in doing construction work.

Whilst participating in NTSF Jordan was given the opportunity to work on his soft skills and personal development within a small group setting, which in turn increased his confidence and set him in good stead to progress into the Employability Fund Stage 2 program. He also worked on his health & wellbeing, partaking in a fitness test and re-test which showed improvement over his time on NTSF.

He thoroughly enjoyed partaking in the Stage 2 academy and said that it allowed him to meet new people and he loved getting the opportunity to play football every day. He felt that being on the program improved his communication skills and made it easier to attend interviews and speak to potential employers. Jordan worked hard to secure a Modern Apprenticeship working as an Environmental Operative with Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) through Wheatley Group and is currently undertaking his training for this role.

When asked about his experience of Street League Jordan said: ‘If it wasn’t for Kevin & Lance from the North academy I would not be where I am today; they helped me secure this job by helping me fill in my application and prepare for the interview.’