Idris first met Street League staff during an outreach session at Wembley Job Centre. He had done his A-levels the previous summer and had recently finished a short-term contract as a receptionist. He was very quiet and shy at first but having attended several Street Football sessions he was subsequently selected for the Academy programme.

During the Academy, Idris slowly but surely came out of his shell and proved himself to be an expert in all things football, regularly winning the weekly quizzes. He grabbed hold of every opportunity which came his way and after being introduced to the chairman of Forest United FC based in Wembley, he began as a voluntary coach. Adris was rewarded for his good attendance and attitude by being taken to watch England train at Wembley.

Completing the Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA) went a long way to helping Idris improve his confidence, by forcing him to be openly outspoken and communicative. After graduating from Street League, Idris secured a place at the College of North-West London and is studying ICT at the Wembley Park campus.