Isaac had an ordinary upbringing with supportive parents, until he became involved in gang culture in Croydon. Although he successfully completed his education and stayed out of trouble, he associated with individuals who continued to break the law.

Isaac got to know about Street League through friends and attended the Street Football sessions, before being accepted onto the Academy. Early on in the programme, he did not feel confident and was often late for sessions. However, the longer he stuck with it, the more motivated he became and eventually he made a big impression on the corporate volunteers who conducted his mock interviews. Isaac was offered voluntary work by the interviewee and this eventually led to a six-month work placement with Halfords.

Looking back, he recalls: “I had friends in gangs that got up to no good and I was with them all the time. Now I try to stay away from them and keep on the right track.”

During his time with Street League, Isaac underwent an interview with the Prime Minister at No 10 as part of Street League’s charity partnership with Downing Street. They met again when Isaac took part in the Sport Relief Mile.