James 23 years old who lives in Leith, first engaged with Street League in April 2016 at one of our free football tasters (Street Football).  At this session, we had a discussion with James to find out what his expectations and goals were, as well as what his current circumstances were. 

As he was claiming Jobseekers Allowance, we engaged with his local DWP office to arrange for him to meet with his advisor to be referred onto our Employability Fund Stage 3 programme at Sighthill.

James was a very mature, strong and confident member of the small group of 10 participants.  He was the oldest, yet he managed to bond with all of the group at varying different levels.  Through the use of humour, assertiveness and compromise, strong relationships were formed. 

Due to his previous experience of manual work, the opportunity to complete his Certificate of work Readiness qualification with Jewson was one that James relished.  From his initial meeting with his placement supervisor Derek at Craigintinny Jewson, James was determined that he would gain employment with the company. 

Whilst James was on the course, he was sentenced to a Community Payback Order after an incident that occurred before Street Leagues intervention. After a successful meeting with his payback order supervisor, Bernardita, it transpired that James could use 8hrs a week of his placement with Jewson to go towards his Order. This has led to Street League having further involvement with The Community Payback order team for our upcoming programmers. 

During each of the placement visits over the duration of 8 weeks, the feedback received on James was always positive.  He was a valued member of the team, going over and above the call of duty for customers and colleagues alike – doing all the things we have advised him would help him stand out and become indispensable.

As we approach the final week of his placement with Jewson, James was offered employment at another building merchants due to his recent experience.  This opportunity was accepted and James was able to end his claim to benefit and put his past behind him. 

The icing on the cake for both James and Street League was when only a few weeks after completing his work placement at Jewson, they contact James to offer him a full-time position.  Although it was not ideal to be leaving his new employer so soon, James dealt with the situation with his usual sense of maturity and has now sustained his employment with Jewson for 4 months. 

James used his Street League experience as an opportunity to get his life back on track. He treated his work placement, from day 1, as a job and worked hard to learn from the staff and listen to the advice given, using this to improve day by day. He has since gained his forklift license and is a valued, knowledgeable and vital part of the staff team. 

 “Street League gave me an opportunity that I could not pass up, I treated it as a job and wanted to impress the guys at Jewson. I want to thank Adam and Ally as the support they gave me really helped”

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