When Jordan started Street League he didn’t know where he wanted to go or what he wanted to do, or even if he would consider employment. Through action planning and goal setting Jordan decided he would like to pursue a career in sports coaching as he is very passionate about football, sport and helping others. He enjoys speaking to people and helping them to learn new skills.

Jordan was diagnosed with Global Development Delay and epilepsy as a child. He has never attended EF provision or been to a job interview before. His experience in the world of work was through some volunteering he had done in the past.

In the middle of February, Jordan was attending every session, arriving early and always prepared to start. He had great enthusiasm and was starting to speak about his future, goals and aspirations when the Celtic Charity Foundation Community Coaching role was advertised. He decided he wanted to apply for this role.

In the weeks leading up to the interview, Jordan completed a work taster to give him relevant and up to date work experience to talk about. He spent time with other coaches and staff at Petershill Sports Complex to learn more about the coaching role. He Identified his strengths, and mapped these to the coaching role essentially demonstrating that he had all the makings of an excellent coach, all he needed was the opportunity to showcase his skills.

Jordan worked incredibly hard on preparation for the Interview and as he was required to use the STAR technique in answers. He had revised thoroughly for his interview, researching questions he might be asked and has spent time practicing his interview skills with his Mum and I. He had read the job description and spoke about his passion for sport, football and Celtic Football Club, being that was is a season ticket holder and regular in the stands!

This was especially a big deal for Jordan, as it was his first ever job interview, not only this but an interview for the job of his dreams working for his beloved Celtic FC. Jordan attended his first ever job interview suited and booted, looking very smart and well prepared, excited just to have the opportunity. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, he knew in a very short space of time he had achieved so much!

On the 3rd March Jordan got the phone call he had been waiting for…

Jordan reached his goal and started at Celtic two weeks later as one of their community coaches. His commitment, dedication and motivation all paid off.

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