Klaudia, 19 from Birmingham initially engaged with Street League because her partner was on the dance academy. She was signed up to our social academy and started to join in with dance sessions. She was coming to Street League because she was struggling to be at home due to family and personal issues. She had a part-time at McDonalds but decided that she really wanted a full-time job with better pay. She then joined the dance academy at which point she had left the family home with nowhere to go. We helped to source emergency housing for her and she is a lot more settled away from home. She was committed to academy despite experiencing hardship in her personal life. We spoke with her about Rightio and she was very excited at the prospect of full-time employment. She went for the interview and was offered a job there and then.  

Klaudia has always been a confident individual but she was often attending academy upset or quiet due to the problems she was having at home. We made it very clear that we were always here to talk to her. She quickly became comfortable at Street League and she found adults that she could trust and engage with. This gave her the confidence to go for a full-time job at Rightio. She is one of the only participants to receive an offer of full-time employment instead of a work experience/trial.

“Street League has helped change my life. I have been able to get away from home and live on my own and I have also got into full-time work.”

This full-time employment has given Klaudia steady income which has helped her now she is living independently. She is in a better frame of mind which has also helped the state of her relationship.