Lekan had played semi-professional football throughout his teens and early adulthood, and had dreams of turning professional. On joining Street League he saw it as a way of continuing to play football and initially had no interest in the Academy's classroom activities. During the football sessions Lekan was clearly a good player, but he showed he could be supportive to his team mates, and quickly became a popular member of the group.

Lekan demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and was picked to captain the team at one of the inter-Academy matches. As the Academy continued, Lekan began to see the logic behind the classroom and external activities, and decided to consider other opportunities outside of football. Having completed his Community Sports Leadership Award, Lekan felt he'd like to work with kids and successfully applied for a role at Camp America. He was also successful in applying for an operations role at a London tourist attraction.

After graduating from the Academy, Lekan was one of two people invited by Street League to attend a Sport Relief event hosted by the Prime Minister, where he got to run alongside the PM and ask him questions. Having weighed up his options, Lekan decided to postpone his Camp America trip for a year and instead applied to go to University where he could further his education.

Speaking about his time at Street League and what he hopes for the future, Lekan said: “I've changed a lot since being here. Life is full of opportunities as long as you are ready to embrace them.”