Leonardo, 19, from Manchester, arrived in the UK in 2013 from Iran. Struggling with the language, Leonardo couldn't get a job and was in need of some support. After hearing about Street League, it appealed to him immensely as he could play football, meet people and hopefully move into work at the end of the Academy programme. Leonardo did just that after graduating from the Academy, securing a job at the National Football Museum.  

Leonardo on moving to Manchester and joining the Academy programme: "At that time everyone rejected me. Street League was the only one who accepted me and welcomed me in, even with my lack of communication. They let me play football every day, showed me what to do and said they're going to help me achieve what I wanted." 

Leonardo continued: "I trust Street League and it has had a massive influence with what I am achieving now. Straight after graduating on the Academy programme I got a job with the National Football Museum. It's given me stability, and being in a full-time job is something I can rely on. I would recommend anyone in this situation to get involved with Street League - they can help you achieve what you want and be a better person."