After leaving school Liam decided to do a construction course at Edinburgh College. However he soon realised this was not for him and began to resent going into college to do a subject he didn’t enjoy. Liam heard about the Street League Academy through a friend who had been a previous participant. 

Liam had very low confidence and self-esteem and having joined the Academy, he was timid around his peers and reserved when it came to group activities. As such, Street League staff put in place one-to-ones sessions and spent more time with him to try to identify what the issues were. Liam spoke about experiencing a tough time at school and as a result, was apprehensive in similar environments.

After a few weeks of workshops and outdoor football sessions, Liam’s confidence gradually began to increase. He contributed to team challenges and worked a lot better with his class mates. The real turning point came when he helped deliver a mini-Olympic event to over 30 young people, where he was able to put his newly learned skills into practice and communicated fantastically with the different participant groups.

On graduating from the Academy, Liam secured a work placement with Poundstretcher which helped him gain confidence and feel ready for the workplace. Street League staff continued to work with Liam in helping him apply for jobs and prepare for interview scenarios with mock questions and activities. Liam's hard work eventually paid off after doing a CV drop in his local area, where he was called for an interview with Pizza Hut. Liam excelled in the interview, and was given the job as a Pizza Hut Customer Service Assistant.