Moses had been out of work and education for almost a year and a half. He had heard about Street League through the Getmyfirstjob website and had been contacted by Jack, the North London Youth and Community coach, in October 2016. He did not respond well to our first phone call as he was keen to go straight into a construction course or apprenticeship. He then went to the job centre to apply for a construction course but was frustrated at the lack of progress and clear information on training and opportunities in construction there. He then decided to call Jack back in November to say he would like to engage in our program as we had told him about the links Street League had with construction companies and construction training centres. Moses first showed up at the North London academy at Coram's Fields on the 23rd of November. He was suffering from Tuberculosis, smoking weed regularly and had a pending court case for theft hanging over his head. Illegal drug use had been a hindrance to Moses. He had been at University but had been asked to leave as he had been caught smoking on university grounds. He was also acting as a carer for his disabled mother (his father had left them a few years ago and was now living in France). He looked underweight and like he had not had a good night’s sleep in a while.

At his first session at Street League, he said he wanted to create some career goals for himself. He wanted to stop hanging out with the “wrong” crowd from his area and wanted to create positive habits for himself. He had an interest in working in the construction industry and wanted to find out more. We created an action plan for him to build up his CV, find out how to find suitable jobs and to start playing a sport. Moses started to attend academy daily and was a real positive influence on the other participants in the academy. His intelligence and friendly manner were useful to support others in classroom sessions.

He started joining in with Jack’s football sessions and his health improved. Mikhail has worked on building his confidence and encouraged him on how and where to look for employment, focus on coming to Street League daily and engaging with other participants and staff. He was popular with staff and the other participants His time on the academy was interrupted in February as he had to go to France to see his father, who had been diagnosed with a serious illness. He was away for 3 weeks and his presence was missed during this time. He came back to the UK and had to appear in court for the theft charge. The outcome of that was to pay a fine and he received a warning, he was relieved to not have to serve any prison time and to not have a criminal record. Free from the possibility of having to go to prison he applied himself completely at Street League. Since then he started attending academy early, taking part in workshops with Bank of America and applied for several opportunities such as retail, TFL apprenticeship and a construction course at the King’s Cross construction centre. He took part in a Yoga session at Coram's and is keen to learn more about Yoga and other fitness activities. He had issues with not having suitable attire for interviews. Naomi, our Aftercare Coordinator took him out to Primark and bought him a pair of black trousers and black shoes the day before an interview.

Due to changes in his exercise routine and daily habits he no longer has TB. He is due to start a Level 1 course in Construction multi skills in May. He has also been selected for an interview at Primark and for an interview to be selected for a Track Renewal apprenticeship at TFL.

“Street League gave me the motivation to better myself. They gave me the confidence to believe in myself after so many failures in my life. The staff care and I know they always believe in me, even when I find it hard to believe in myself. They created a plan for me that I could follow, and gave me the skills to present myself to the best of my ability. Every day I came I always left happier than when I arrived.”

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