Natalie, aged 22, was working as a volunteer coach in Birmingham. She joined Street League to improve her interview and leadership skills as well as guidance to pursue her dream of becoming a professional football coach in a paid position.

After completing the 10-week Street League football programme, Natalie was supported by the Birmingham staff to get the funding to go to America as a soccer camp coach, and to succeed in the interview with UK Elite Soccer. As well as landing her dream job, Natalie is also extremely proud that the experience allowed her to visit 16 different American states.

She said: ‘ I feel more self- belief in myself that I can achieve my goals and if you want to do something, you just have to do it. You've got to take risks if you want to get anywhere in life. Just go for it - 100 percent.”

Natalie now volunteers at Street League Birmingham, returning to coach weekly football sessions. She says “the skills that you learn in sport, like leadership, are the same that you need for everyday life. By learning these skills practically through sport you’ll be able to do them better in the work environment”.

She plans to return to the USA in 2017 to continue following her coaching passion.

“I love football, it’s my passion. It’s my life!”

Natalies’ recommendation to other young people looking for work: “Definitely join Street League - it’s a good opportunity, it’s great fun and the staff are awesome.”

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