Nathan lived in inner-city London and was constantly in and out of trouble. He was surrounded by friends who were generally up to no good and this had a negative impact on his life.

Nathan joined Street League's East London Academy and was a star player on the programme. His footballing ability gained him credibility and friends with the rest of the group, however, Nathan hit a low point during the Academy when he was arrested on his way to an Academy football match. Although it was a slight step back, it turned out to be a positive learning experience, as Street League staff were able to discuss with Nathan methods of controlling his anger. Nathan was released with no further action and Street League were asked to play in a football match against the transport police in an effort to bring the police and young people together.

Nathan completed the Academy and gained a job coaching with Arsenal’s Football in the Community Scheme. This then led to a stewarding job at Arsenal, and since then, Nathan has been working at Marks & Spencer - a job he really enjoys. Nathan has also moved out of the hostel he was living in, moved back home with his Mum, and stopped hanging around with the friends that he was getting into trouble with.