Coral left school when she was 16 and was accepted into college to study nursing. However, after a couple of months, she felt that the course was not for her and that she was not ready for full-time education in a college environment.

She was referred onto Street League’s West Lothian Academy by Skills Development Scotland, where she was part of a group of 15 young people. Coral had great attendance, attitude and willingness to progress, and it was a pleasure to work with her. During the community event, she was unfortunately let down by her other Stage 3 participants with non-attendance, and was left to facilitate the mini ‘Olympics’ event on her own. Unfazed, Coral was excellent and grew in confidence as the day wore on. She also received high praise from parents who were there to spectate.

Over Christmas, Coral found employment with River Island as a temporary sales assistant. Feeling far more confident and assured of herself, Coral feels ready to go back into education full-time, and has recently been interviewed for a place at college to study Sport and Fitness.