On starting the Street League Academy Nicola was unemployed and was looking for additional support in finding work. After completing her Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Instruction in 2015, Nicola was claiming benefits and spending time searching for appropriate vacancies.

Nicola initially engaged with Street League through our Dance Fitness social sessions ran by Dance Teacher Holly Clarke, were she then showed interest in joining our 10-week Employability programme. Nicola said, “If I had never started Street League, I would still be unemployed. Street League helped me have the confidence in interviews that I didn’t have before”.

During the 10 week programme Nicola worked alongside Progressions Coordinator Hayley McKever, were an action plan was created to help shape and bring to life the career that Nicola wanted to embark upon. The academy provided Nicola with one-to-one support, as well as employability classes, some of which included CV building, interview preparation and personal development. Alongside the employability sessions, Nicola would also remain physically active by taking part in the academies dance classes and at times was given the responsibility of leading class warm ups. Nicola said “Street League helped me understand how to plan fitness classes and got me to think about how other people feel when they come out of their comfort zone.” During her time on the academy, Nicola was able to complete a 2-week work placement with Future Fitness; an all-female gym based in Fazakerley. This opportunity was specifically sourced by Street Leagues Employer Engagement Manager, Pauline Miller- opening doors for Nicola to get more experience in the field of work she wanted to go into.

On completing the academy Nicola was referred to a Business Enterprise Course to gain a better understanding on how to set up her own company as a personal trainer; on completing the course Nicola said, “I really enjoyed the course and got a lot from it”.

On finishing the Enterprise course Nicola was able to gain employment at Dovecot Multi Activity Centre, as a trainee sports coach, which she is currently really enjoying and believes that the support and opportunities provided by Street League helped her to achieve what she is now doing.

Nicola still engages with Street League through our Aftercare Coordinator, Richie Bowsley who provides additional support for academy participants on leaving the programme and sustaining their outcome.

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