Chris, aged 19 from Edinburgh, he has had issues with his parents and was homeless when he began to attend Street Football sessions each Friday. Chris had attended other training courses before but had never sustained and seemed to struggle with cannabis use, have a bad sleeping pattern and low motivation.

Chris originally was attending our Street Football sessions in September 2016 and we had wanted him to come on to our Stage 2 but he had a very chaotic lifestyle and we couldn’t tie him down to get the relevant paperwork needed to attend the Employability fund course at that time. Chris continued to attend Street Football sessions sporadically until we were awarded funding to work with Stage 1 ESF (European Social Fund). Chris fitted the bill perfectly for this and he began to attend sessions 3 times a week to get support with his motivation and fitness. Chris came on leaps and bounds over a period of 2 months and we felt he would really benefit from coming onto our Stage 3 EF programme and get some much-needed work experience. Chris is a likeable character and was a popular member of our group. He completed his SCQF 4 in Employability Award and Steps to Work, he seemed to take on board everything we had been saying to him and he gradually began to turn up early for sessions and had a superb attendance record.

In March 2017, we decided to put Chris forward for a 4-week work placement with Pound Stretchers. This was a massive deal for Chris as just a few months earlier he had been using drugs, sleeping all day and homeless. Now he was due to go on a work placement, no longer smoking cannabis and having reconciled with his Mother, was living back at home. Chris did brilliantly at his work placement and was given a glowing reference from the management. He is now applying for jobs and has been accepted into college starting in August to do Mechanics. Chris is a great example of how Street League works for the most vulnerable young people in our society, starting with an informal Football session to get people interested and increase motivation, moving onto a more structured ESF course where a plan can be built up to see what steps can be taken next before progressing onto our paid Employability Fund programme. We will continue to support Chris to find and sustain employment or college in the near future.

“Adam and Ally have made my time at Street League fun and a great laugh, every day we have a joke but I know they want the best for me and have helped me so much, thanks to the A-Team”

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