Rachael joined the Street League Academy in Renfrewshire after leaving school aged 16. Rachael indicated to Street League staff that she was keen to pursue a career in sports coaching but felt that her lack of experience was a barrier to entering employment in this sector.

Rachael was a pleasure to work with and she showed commitment with excellent attendance and timekeeping. She participated in every aspect of the Academy with great enthusiasm and after a few weeks Street League staff were able to secure volunteering opportunities for Rachael with Active Schools Inverclyde as well as Morton FCs school holiday camps. This allowed Rachael to gain valuable experience in supporting the delivery of sports sessions with primary school children whilst building her employability skills on the Academy.

Rachael continued to volunteer with Active Schools Inverclyde and within a matter of months, she felt she had the confidence to attend interviews where she would be able to discuss the skills and qualities she had developed.

Rachael attended an interview at West College Scotland and was offered a place on NC Sports and Fitness Level 5. As well as completing a range of qualifications with Street League, Rachael started to work at Active Schools Inverclyde full-time as part of her Street League placement. The feedback Street League received about Rachael was outstanding and Rachael felt that the placement had provided her with enough valuable experience for it to no longer be a barrier to her entering employment in the sports sector.

Towards the end of the placement, Active Schools Inverclyde advertised a vacancy for an Activity Leader Modern Apprenticeship. Rachael applied for this role, and following a successful interview she was delighted to have been offered the position on the Modern Apprenticeship.