Renaldo, aged 21, from Birmingham was working in a part time job but needed a full-time job to invest in his future. He joined Street League to improve his leadership skills and get some guidance as he already had football qualification but was unsure of the next step.

Renaldo admits that before Street League, he had a hot head because he was so passionate about football. However, the coaches helped to calm him down and this in turn improved his abilities as a player.

He said: "Street League really calmed me down. There’s a lot of people out there with hot head and anger problems, this can really help them and its fun as well"

After completing the 10-week Street League football programme, Renaldo was offered a coaching position at Street League Birmingham. This allowed Renaldo to get paid playing the game he loves, while impact young people lives. Just like Street league did for him.

he said: “Now I’m coaching, motivating people to do better in life, with work and with their future”

Renaldo’s recommendation to other young people looking for work:” Street League is just what you need if you like to play football and you’re looking for a job. The push you and they motivate you. They do whatever they can to help you”

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