Rowan left school at 17 with one GSCE and no real focus on his future. He did not have a good relationship with his teachers and felt he never received positive feedback. Rowan was often told he would end up in prison which only reinforced a cycle of disruptive behaviour and he could not wait to leave education.

Rowan left school and went straight into a gang where he was caught engaging in criminal activity, and subsequently ended up in prison. Following his release, Rowan spent six months in limbo, and was close to going back to his old life when his probation officer referred him to Street League. Having agreed to give it a try Rowan settled well into the Academy, was always punctual, and actively encouraged other participants. He gained three qualifications and, after graduating, decided to apply for an Apprentice coaching position with Street League.

After a successful interview, Rowan was appointed the role and subsequently went on to become a Youth and Community Coach with the charity. Speaking about the journey he’s been through, Rowan said: “At 17 I felt older than I was and did not need school. Now I feel younger than I am because of how I am developing as a person and professionally.”

Whilst at Street League, Rowan was selected as a Young Ambassador for the Beyond Sport London 2012 summit, where he met Muhammad Ali and David Beckham. Rowan is now working for the youth charity Catch 22.