Before Scott enrolled in the East Ayrshire’s Street League Academy he had struggled to find employment despite applying for several positions with various companies and employers. This had an affect on Scott’s confidence, however it didn’t harm his motivation to find work and he remained determined to gain employment.

Scott found out about Street League and saw it as an opportunity to improve his chances of moving into employment. Whilst attending the Street Football sessions, his willingness and enthusiasm to participate was infectious, as was his genuine desire to move into work. It was clear from the outset that he was exactly the kind of young person to benefit from the Academy and soon after he was invited to join the programme.

During Scott’s one-to-one sessions he stated that he wanted to improve his confidence, with particular reference being made to his interview skills and techniques. He also wanted to become better at job searching and applying for any positions that he identified.

On the field, Scott not only demonstrated an exceptional attitude and integrated well with the other participants, but he also found himself a new position in the team as a goalkeeper. So much so that he joined a football team outside of Street League as a result of his ever increasing confidence and impressive performances between the posts.

Whist on the Academy, Scott completed several workshops which focused on improving personal skills and qualities including, CV writing, organisation, team work, communication, leadership, goal setting, and took a lead role in the planning of East Ayrshire’s Community Event.

After working on several aspects of personal development and demonstrating how to effectively job search, he was delighted to find out that just 4 weeks into the Academy, he had gained employment doing security for the Commonwealth Games. Scott had put a great deal of work in since he started with Street League and it was brilliant to see him secure employment after a long period of struggling to find work.

Scott said: “I’m so happy to have got this job. I knew that when I started at Street League I had to improve some of my personal skills but I’ve been able to do that and I feel a lot more confident now. Street League has helped me so much. I’m now more aware of what employers are looking for and I know how to approach applying for jobs. I can’t wait to get started in my job but I’ll be popping back in to the Academy to see everyone else, and Kara and Mark.”