When Caitlin joined Street League’s Academy in Lanarkshire she lacked confidence and was extremely shy. However, she enjoyed the sports side of the programme and this helped develop her communication skills and confidence when talking to others. Caitlin used the personal development qualification to identify her strengths and weaknesses, and having completed the Stage 2 programme with 100% attendance, she was referred onto Stage 3.

Caitlin hit the ground running and started taking part in group activities. She worked hard in employability sessions and there was a clear improvement in her handwriting. Caitlin felt that she could relax at Street League as she knew she would receive the help she needed to get through her workload - something she didn’t feel she had received at school.

Caitlin took part in the Academy's community event where she delivered an activity to a large group of young adults, which further demonstrated how far she had come in relation to her confidence issues and ability to communicate effectively with others. With some help from Street League progressions staff, Caitlin applied for a place at college and was accepted onto a construction course. Caitlin is enjoying her course and hopes to progress to the next level.