Stephanie was twice made redundant following cutbacks at the organisations she was working for. As a single mother, she had the stress and worry of making sure she could provide for her son but was lacking in confidence having been let go by her employers.

Stephanie found out about Street League through the local community centre where she worked as a volunteer. Although initially thinking it was all about gaining qualifications, Stephanie found the course was helping her grow as a person, make new friends, and start to enjoy sport-based activities.

She said: "I had almost lost all of my confidence. I was scared to do anything in case I was let down but Street League was different. The staff explained things, and were fun and supportive to work with. I’ve made many friends and learnt new skills that I would not have tried before! I am glad I had the chance to participate in the activities which have helped me grow into the person I am today.”

After finishing the Academy, Street League helped Stephanie with her application to study administration at college. However having found herself drawn back to the sports side of work, Stephanie started applying for jobs within the leisure industry. Following a third interview, Stephanie got her break and was given a part-time job working with Glasgow Life.

Speaking about her time at the Academy, Stephanie said: "Without the help and support I received, I don’t think I would have been able to get a job and move on with my life. I can now provide for my son, and do not have the constant worry about money. Street League helped me and some of my friends gain employment, and I think there needs to be more organisations like them in our area."