Stephen joined Street League’s 'Get Ready for Work' programme in South Lanarkshire, not long after leaving school. Stephen suffered from dyslexia and had numeracy issues and during his interview with Street League staff, Stephen admitted that this had badly affected his confidence and that shyness was also a barrier.

There was a concerted effort by the staff to ensure that Stephen participated fully in both the football activities and in the classroom workshops. Although always fairly quiet, Stephen slowly but surely integrated into the group and his confidence grew. Whilst on the programme, he managed to achieve his Community Sports Leadership Award, an SFA coaching certificate and a first aid certificate.

Expressing an interest in working as a mechanic, Street League approached a local garage about Stephen undertaking a work placement with the company, giving him the opportunity to see how he would manage working full-time. The manager was very supportive of Stephen who flourished despite having to take three buses on his journey to and from the placement. Through the Employment Recruitment Incentive and other funding, Street League were able to present the garage manager with an attractive package to make employing Stephen a more feasible proposition. They were happy to offer Stephen the position and he is now working as a full-time mechanic whilst completing his apprenticeship at Motherwell College.