Stephen, 18, from Glasgow, joined Street League after applying for apprenticeships, hearing nothing back and then not knowing what to do next. In need of some support and advice on his next move, Stephen joined the Academy programme. In the weeks that followed Stephen's confidence grew and he was motivated to find work, which resulted in him landing a labouring job with a local company. 

Stephen on Street League's Academy programme: "I applied for a couple of apprenticeships but it's really hard to get into them. It was pretty demoralising. My confidence went down. Street League helped me with my confidence, the way I would approach management in a workplace and the way I would present myself, and just helped me try to make a good first impression. It helped me with the confidence side of things." 

Stephen on his new job: "I'm a labourer for a joiner. I got the job purely because of Street League and the skills that they have given me."