Jamie joined the Street League Academy in Liverpool after taking part in a couple of Street Football sessions with his friend. Jamie told Street League staff that he felt he was not getting anywhere with finding a job and it was clear how his low self-esteem was affecting him.

Jamie’s commitment to kickstarting his career was apparent from the start, and despite having to travel the furthest of all the participants he never missed a session. After just two weeks the transformation was easy to see both on and off the pitch. His confidence and communication skills improved drastically and he became a key member of the team. For the remainder of the Academy, Jamie worked hard on improving his confidence in interviews and, looking at several career options with Street League staff, he decided to focus on finding a job in a warehouse or factory. Jamie attended a local warehouse recruitment day which was attended by over 2,000 people looking for work, and was successful in being invited back to their assessment day. Jamie attended the day wearing a suit and had fully prepared for the interview and tests. Due to his hard work, great personality, and detailed preparation, Jamie was only one of two from 30 attendees to be offered a job!

Jamie regularly visits the Street League office to update us on how he is getting on, and says he is loving his new role and has been working hard at reaching his packing targets.