Jordan, aged 22 from Birmingham, was a quiet but good lad with aspirations of saving up to settle down with his girlfriend. However, with no experience, no confidence, and a lack of qualifications, Jordan didn’t have that push he needed to get the life he deserves.

With his passion for football and aim to better himself, Jordan heard about what we do at Street League and made one of the best decisions of his life to date, he applied to our football academy. Street League finally managed to catch him at a job fair and gave him the encouragement to push himself through our doors.

Initially, Jordan struggled to show his enthusiastic and positive self, often hiding behind a quiet and closed demeanour. Throughout our English, Maths and football sessions, Street League provided the right support to boost his confidence and show his true colours, tailoring his CV and interview skills to aim for his goal in a customer service role.

As a result, Jordan grew into an outspoken young man, often taking a leadership role with his peers, and even had the confidence to go out himself and achieve a job with Sports Direct. But it doesn’t end there, following the in-work support and guidance provided by Street League, it was established that we should give him the support to get a second job. With his feedback from Sports Direct, Jordan has achieved a permanent role with Rightio, where he uses his new skills every day to provide customer support as a sales advisor.

And now we’re at our favourite part as supporters of young people - his future. Jordan will be missed on our football academy, even if he did miss a shot and kick the ball into space on his last day! Thanks to Street League, Jordan has finally begun building a new life with his girlfriend. We know Jordan will continue to grow, and with our in-work support plan in place, we’re excited to see where life takes him, let’s just hope his shot accuracy improves!

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