Taskeen first came to Street League in July 2018 and was struggling with anxiety, depression and anger. She would struggle to take part in sessions and communicate with others in the class. Even just being in a session made Taskeen feel anxious. Taskeen was also unsure of what she wanted to do with her future. She started taking part in dance sessions but slowly started to show interest in football. She now plays football every day and she absolutely loves it. Due to the sports sessions, Taskeen decided she wanted to pursue a career in sports coaching. At this point, Taskeen showed commitment and wanted to create a CV and practice her interview skills. She has now been for a meeting with Inspiring the Young, an organisation that coaches the younger generation in football. Taskeen is due to start there is the new year and until her start date will attend Street League to play football (she doesn’t want to leave now)

Initially, we met with Taskeen often to ensure that she was feeling comfortable in class. She was able to take breaks away from the group when she needed them. There was no pressure put on Taskeen to take part in discussions. Following her first review, Taskeen explained that she was enjoying Street League and felt less anxious. At this point, Taskeen was encouraged to take part in discussions and soon enough was contributing independently. We continued to complete reviews with Taskeen and this is when we established her next steps and goals to become a sports coach.

Taskeen is looking forward to starting her coaching training in January and is ready for the next chapter in her life. Taskeen will continue to visit Street League and is thankful for everything that they have done.

Taskeen wrote a rap for the Street League Birmingham team:

“I was a little cub lost and alone, but street league made me a leader of my own, confidence is something that's grown, and I've raised my game, I've achieved my aim, now it's time to move on, when I say I've raised my game, thanks to Renaldo who motivated me on the pitch, thanks to John who gave me this opportunity, thanks to Anna and Marie for their loyalty and thanks to Ash and Paris, two enthusiastic people who shed light and helped me overcome my anxiety, thanks to Sabina for always being there for me, always had my back and always was supportive, all of you have been there for me since the start, and now I leave with a place in my heart for Street League, a company in a league of their own.”