Kesser came to Street League as he was recently married and about to start a family. He had some voluntary work experience and had been offered cash in hand work, but he wanted to find a career so he could provide financial support and be a good role model to his family.

Though Kesser was very driven to find work, he had poor job search skills. His time out of work had affected his confidence and he did not feel able to apply for roles which we felt he was capable of securing.

The Street League staff spent one-to-one time with Kesser working on identifying job goals, using his CV to target specific jobs and developing interview techniques. Kesser secured interviews at Santander and AXA insurance as a result. In both cases he passed the telephone interview but failed at the assessment centre. To support Kesser with future interviews, we arranged a mock assessment session as part of the training course.

Adam Gell and Paul Shepherd, from Street League’s Tees Valley team, met with Jo Hand Recruitment in November, who agreed to register any candidates who we felt were sufficiently job ready. Kesser was our first recommendation and he was invited for interview. The interview was a success and Kesser was offered a job with Capita.

Unfortunately, though, two weeks later Kesser received a call to say that Capita were now overstaffed and had to freeze recruitment. Kesser was understandably gutted but after some one-to-one discussion he decided not to wait for Capita but to look for work elsewhere, mainly in the retail sector.

Kesser has a good understanding of technology and successfully applied for a role with a mobile phone repair store. This time everything went smoothly and he’s now a full-time employee with the company, which he enjoys immensely.