Louis had been studying a Level 2 sports award at college but dropped out after getting involved in a gang who lived on his estate.

When Louis first joined Street League he didn’t have a particular interest in starting the Academy but had a passion for football. He chose to start the Academy after encouragement from Street League staff, but became a disruptive member of the group and was often poorly behaved.

After a one-to-one session with staff, Louis gained some direction and started to participate more in class. Having a change in attitude helped Louis realise that street life was hindering his progress and by committing to the Academy he was able to meet new friends.

The real breakthrough for Louis came when he took part in an indoor football tournament at the London Soccer Dome. The confidence and satisfaction that he gained from being part of a team made him realise that he wanted to get more out of life and get a job.

Not long after graduating from the Academy, Louis successfully gained employment at Tesco as a bakery assistant.