Charles came to Street League as an ex-gang member and had spent time in prison due to firearm offences. He had been part of a gang in Hackney from a young age but wanted to get away from a life of crime. Having initially left London to start a new life in Sheffield, he decided to move back to be with his family and deal with his problems head on.

Charles heard about Street League through the Job Centre and having joined the Academy, Charles’ attendance and attitude towards the course was excellent. He inspired not only the other members of the Academy but also Street League staff and continued to show his motivation to turn his life around.

Since graduating from the Academy, Charles has been working part time and has also been given the opportunity to box professionally for his native country Sierra Leone. He has also managed to leave his experiences in a gang in the past.

Speaking about his experience with Street League, Charles said: “From joining the Street League Academy I met the sort of people who have become true friends. The old me would never have even thought about hanging around with guys like this because unless they were fellow gang members I wouldn’t associate with them. Thank God for this opportunity. Now I have friends for life that I can depend on, that always try and make me stay positive. God bless them and God bless Street League."