Tom, 22, from Manchester, joined Street League's Football Academy after failing to land a permanent, long-term job despite various short-term opportunities. Having been unemployed for six months, Tom's confidence was at rock bottom. He felt worthless and like his future was heading nowhere. 

Thanks to Street League's intervention, Tom quickly came out of his shell and became more confident as his job prospects started to improve. When the Academy came to an end, Tom secured an interview with Jewson and he was offered the job! He's now feeling positive about life and loving life at Jewson. 

He said: “For me school was tough. It wasn’t my cup of tea. I found it hard. Before Street League I was out of work for about 6 months and I was just getting side jobs here and there. I felt worthless and like I had nothing for myself. I thought my future was going nowhere. I really wanted a job. I struggled with my confidence and when it came to socialising. That’s why I think it was hard for me to get a job.”

Tom continued: “I attended the Academy programme for 8 weeks. After that I went for a job interview at Jewson where I got a two week trial. I got told I’d got the job after a week! I love it. Street League helped me with my interview technique, confidence and socialising. I’d definitely recommend Street League to other people - it’s just a better way to get into work. I’ve been on other courses and they aren’t like Street League. Now that I’ve got a job I feel like I’ve got a future.”